Marek Schovánek: Pharmatopia

6.2. - 7.4. 2014, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Poupětova 1, Prague,


The name PHARMATOPIA expresses a connection between the pharmaceutical industry and utopia. A drug isn’t offered to us as a medical treatment, but rather so that we shall believe the promise of a future dreamed-of reality.

Marek Schovánek’s installation becomes the reality of dreams that the modern pharmaceutical industry offers, while simultaneously criticizing our excessive needs. The exhibition also touches upon the question to what degree global distribution of drugs is concentrated in economically
developed countries and to what extent it ignores the needs of people from hitherto undeveloped countries and regions.

PHARMATOPIA is the first exhibition of the European project entitled MUSEO MUNDIAL, whose purpose is to take advantage of the cooperation between exhibition institutions and development organizations and to use exhibitions and museum interventions to elicit discussion regarding Millennium Development Goals (priorities established by the UN in 2000).


Artist and curator MAREK SCHOVÁNEK (*1965 in Czechoslovakia) lives and works in Prague and Berlin. His works include paintings, sculptures, installations and photography, as well as film sets and curatorial projects.  www

DOX Centrum současného umění  Realized thanks to cooperation and support of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.

Opening of the Exhibition

8.2.2014 DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

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