About project: Museo Mundial

Global learning in museums does hardly exist. However, museums are a great place to introduce global learning to the general public. The project aims at closing this gap: it develops an innovative approach on how to integrate global learning into museums. To reach this goal museums and development NGOs in Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Portugal will work together and take the challenge.

Project components

  • Development of 40 innovative and inexpensive global learning tools which will be integrated into the museums general exhibitions. These tools will connect existing exhibition objects with topics like world trade, fair trade, child labour, resources, poverty and labour conditions
  • Week of action to global learning in museums
  • Trainings for museum guides on how to implement global topics in museums
  • Trainings for development NGOs on the project idea
  • Manual on development education in museums
  • Internet platform illustratnig innovative examples on global learning in museums

Website where you will find methods of preparing of individual instruments of project Museo Mundial, how they were implemented in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal:


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Projekt Museo Mundial je realizován s podporou Evropské unie a České rozvojové agentury.
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