Brochures and leaflets prepared by EDUCON in English language (for EK projects or Czechia against Poverty Campaign). All documents in Czech language you can find on Czech pages.

Voices of the marginalized
Voices of the marginalized
How did EU policies affect the poorest

Authors: Jiří Silný, Khondoker Shakhawat Ali, Paulin Polepole, Tomáš Tožička, Zuzana Uhde 

Published by EDUCON, Prague, 2015

In this report GCAP has brought together constituents from four countries, across three continents to reflect on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) implementation and the role of the European Union (EU). Representatives of Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicarague, and Zambia share their analysis and discussions with people from affected communities. It is clear that many problems and challenges persist, particularly in terms of ensuring the inclusion of the most marginalized and socially-excluded individuals and communities.

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With a Camera, a Pen and a Spray Can

With a Camera, a Pen and a Spray Can
An inspiring and opinionated guide for future journalists, documentary-makers and artists

122 pages, issued by EDUCON as part of the MDGs - Media for the Millennium Development Goals project, 2012.

Authors: Filip Remunda, Zuzana Válková, Vít Janeček,
Tomáš Tožička a respondenti ankety
Illustrations: Štěpán Tesař

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ČESKO PROTI CHUDOBĚ - Informace, fakta a čísla z rozvojového světa

24 pages, A4 size, czech-english brochure prepared for Parliamentary debate on MDGs (15th October 2007, The Chamber
of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic)

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Millennium Development Goals
MDGs and Czechia against Poverty Campaign
Millennium Development Goals - Brief Report on the Trends of their (Non-) Fulfillment, Robert Stojanov
Czech ODA - Pledge or Empty Promises?, Daniel Svoboda
National Policies against International Debt Crisis, Jiri Silny
Climate Change and Developing Countries, Vojtech Kotecky
Information about European Development Days

Brochure  "MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS - Manual for Global Development Education"

52 pages, English translation of main document of Czechia against Poverty Campaign. 3rd edited issue, 2007.

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