How one third of the mankind cooks

„Expanding access to affordable, clean energy is critical for realizing the MDGs and enabling sustainable development across the globe.“
Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General

In the Millenium Declaration in 2000, all the countries comitted to develop a global partnership for development and share technologies to eradicate povety on global scale. Regardless of the enormous technological advance and accomplishments at disposal to some people, a part of humanity lives without the access to basic conditions to development, such as energy.


According to International Energy Agency, in 2012, more than 2 600 million people – nearly one third of the mankind-, was completely depended on the usage of solid fuels – wood, charcoal, and agricultural production residua. This energy was used practically solely for food processing.

According to World Health Organization data, 1.4 million people died as a result of exposure to indoor air pollution.

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