Staple Foods

Staple foods are those that are dominant in global production. There are over 50 000 edible plants in the world, but only 15 of those provide 90% of energy value worldwide.

Ten basic foods according to global production

1. Maize
2. Wheat
3. Rice
4. Potatoes
5. Cassava
6. Soya beans
7. Sweet potatoes
8. Sorghum
9. Yams
10. Plantains

Ten basic foods according to global production


In 1990, 998 million people suffered from hunger, today, it is “only“ 842 million – e.g. every eighth person on planet.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization, world agriculture produces by 17% more calories per person than it did thirty years ago. There is enough food to feed all the people on planet.

The rate of food waste per capita in European Union is 280 kilograms, 90 kilograms of which are wasted directly by consumers. Much of foods wasted in developed countries is produced in developing countries. If the consupmtion of foods in other countries was the same as in the Czech Republic, it would require 2.8 times larger area than that of the planet Earth (source – Glopolis).

Dominant Staple Food Crops of the World    The Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka and Tomáš Tožička discuss the problem of staple foods in our country and in the world

The data is based on UN, FAO and MDG reports.

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